Free Fiction: The Continuation of The Waiting Game

…continuation of The Waiting Game.o5olimoqggsky

It had been two weeks since he proposed to her, such as it was, and she still had yet to give him an answer. She saw him every day, but the topic never came up. It threatened to come up every time one of them opened their mouths, but the words remained buried.

She sat on her couch, staring at the ring, marveling in just how perfect he got it, when a knock loud enough to wake the dead came on her door. She set the ring down on the coffee table and went to the door.

It was him.

“When people quit a job, they give two week notice.” Her eyes went wide, and when he saw her reaction, his tone softened. “You’re not quitting on me, are you?”

She dropped her face into her hands and sobbed.

He wrapped his arms around her, she fit so well there, she would hate for this to be the last time. “I’ll wait some more,” he said. “For you, I’ll wait forever.”

She wrestled free of his grip and walked to the table where she placed the ring, and she handed it to him.

“Oh, I see,” he said, and he turned to go.

“No,” she said, finally finding her voice. “I want you to do it right.” Suddenly, the weight of what she had done to him over the past two weeks hit her. Sure, a few things in her life had gone wrong recently, but they paled in comparison to what her life would be if he wasn’t in it.

“But, you hate that, romance and tradition, and stuff.”

“I hate the idea of getting married too,” she said. “But I hate the idea of losing you more.”

He rolled the ring through his fingers, as if looking for inspiration within the stones. A smile crossed his lips, and he led her out to the balcony off her apartment, the one that overlooked the sea.

He cleared his throat and dropped down to one knee. “It’s only been a few months, I can’t imagine my life without you in it. So, I’m asking you, will you not be my wife? Will you not marry me?”


He chuckled. “Take the ring. Live in sin. We don’t have to get married to have a happily ever after.”

She smiled and pulled him up to her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she attacked his mouth with hers.

She pulled back and plucked the ring from his hand. “I absolutely, positively cannot wait … to not be your wife.”


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