Author Interview: Sara Dobie Bauer

It’s my pleasure today to feature Sara Dobie Bauer, who is celebrating the release of her new novella, Wolf Among Sheep, from Hot Ink Press.

About the novella (available on Amazon):41xccdalprl

Avery Collins is an ambitious young journalist in early-1900s Charleston, South Carolina, when exotic newcomers Timothy and Vonnie Duke spot him at a fancy gala on the Battery. The Dukes like bringing pretty playthings to their marriage bed, and with a promotion in mind, Avery entertains their advances not knowing lust can quickly turn to love — and love to murder.

Vividly atmospheric and told from three points of view, Wolf Among Sheep proves sexual prowess can get a man far in life in exchange for his soul.

“Incendiary, sensual, and wicked, Wolf Among Sheep is a thrilling reminder that the ecstasy of lust can be peppered with dark and sinister desires. With crackling prose and tension aplenty, Dobie Bauer weaves a sumptuous picture of the American South, alight with characters that will lure you into their beds … and then won’t let you go.”

-Tiffany Michelle Brown, author of Spin and Give It Back

Before we go any further, yes, I’ve read it and yes, it’s amazing. It’s a mindfuck in the best possible way… and as someone who has read a lot recently (given the things I do in real life), I can tell you that it didn’t end the way I expected it to–and that’s a phenomenal thing because, with the exception of one author (I’m looking at you Wendy Sparrow), I almost always figure out the end long before I get there.

So, in the interest of introducing you to Wolf Among Sheep, and even better yet, its author, I’ve interviewed Sara. She’s entertaining as all get out… I promise if you go and find her on social media, you won’t be disappointed. If you are, well, you don’t have a soul or a sense of humor.

You seem to oscillate between sweet (Life Without Harry) and some truly hard-core stuff like Wolf Among Sheep. It seems like your writing is a place for drastically different aspects of your personality to come out.

I don’t read just one genre, so I can’t be expected to write in just one either. I’m also extraordinarily affected by my surroundings. If I drive by an abandoned house, I’ll think of a ghost story. If I see a really hot guy in a three-piece suit, I’ll go home and write porn. If I hear a certain song, I’ll have an outline for a horror story by the second chorus. It’s just the way my mind works, which can be really frustrating and LOUD at times, but it keeps things interesting. I can’t imagine writing the same genre every day. Gah, I’d get so bored!

What was the driving force behind Avery? He’s an intriguing character to read, multi-faceted, was he as intriguing to write?

Avery is a poor writer who wants to be accepted and admired. Every writer has this gene. We all wanna be the next J.K. Rowling, but how far would we go to achieve that level of fame? How down and dirty would we get? This isn’t only true for writers; it’s true for everyone who has a dream.

Most of us like to think we have strong moral character, but if given the opportunity to have our dream come true, would we become liars to attain said dream? Adulterers? Murderers? In Wolf Among Sheep, Avery was very intriguing to write, because I wasn’t sure how far he would go, and well, he goes pretty far.

My favorite passage was Veronique’s thought process about seeing a shark at the party. (I love the whole “how could a shark hold a glass in his fins” line.) What was yours and why?

I’m very, very fond of the character Timothy Duke. I liked being in his head, so passages I enjoyed the most were from his perspective—in particular when he’s observing Avery, especially in the boudoir. Timothy is a man of passion and power, so seeing him taken apart by what his wife calls a “worthless scribbler” turns the power dynamic on its head (which is, of course, a main theme in Wolf Among Sheep).

I’ve noticed that places you’ve lived or visited seem to dictate your settings. What’s the craziest thing that happened while you lived in Charleston?

I met a hot guy in a dirty dive bar. I mean, the guy was HOT. His name was Jake. We went to Waffle House at 2 a.m. and ate grilled cheese. We made out, leaned against the hood of my car. I had no idea I’d just met my husband.

What do you miss most about Charleston?

The atmosphere. Walking the Battery at night. Peeking into lamp-lit windows. Smelling the sea and hearing the gentle hiss of gas lamps along East Bay. Brick roads and oysters—so many oysters. Walls covered in thick, green ivy. I’ve never been someplace so sensual.

You have a very unabashed crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and his influence seems to seep into most of your pieces (not that I’ll ever complain about that). Did he show up in Wolf Among Sheep?

There’s a bit of him in the physicality of Avery Collins. Avery has that wild, black Sherlock hair and, as Timothy says, “He has the look of a man who should be painted.”

Speaking of Mr. Cumberbatch, how did you fall for him? For me, I have to say it was Sherlock.

I caught the beginning of the film Amazing Grace on TV, and I remember, fleetingly, thinking, “That man is really pretty.” Then, yes, Sherlock happened, and I was like, “I would do filthy things to that man.” There’s something about a pretty face and a super deep, rich voice that does it to me. My girlfriends say my husband resembles Benedict, and Jake has that DEEP VOICE thing. I’m a sucker for deep voices, apparently.

There’s a knock at your door. You open it and Benedict Cumberbatch is on your front step because his very expensive car broke down in front of your house and he has a few hours to kill before someone can come pick him up. What do you do?

First, let me make it perfectly clear that I’m a happily married woman.

Secondly, since this is a total fantasy scenario, I would make Mr. Cumberbatch a nice cup of tea and then <edited to prevent blindness and/or heart failure>.

Okay, how about a round of Marry, Shag, Kill? Avery? Justin Bieber? Ryan Reynolds? David Beckham? Leonardo DiCaprio? Idris Elba? Kanye?

Avery: Shag (many times over)
Bieber: Kill
Reynolds: Marry (there would be A LOT of shagging after the wedding)
Beckham: Kill
DiCaprio: Marry
Elba: Shag
Kanye: Kill

What’s next on the horizon for fans of Sara Dobie Bauer?

In March, Stoneslide Corrective will publish my short story, “The Saguaro Apocalypse,” which won “striking use of wit” in their annual contest, which is verifiable proof that I’m funny. Then, the big news: my novel, Bite Somebody, comes out this summer from World Weaver Press. If you like awkward vampires, 80s pop culture, and sexy surfer boys, Bite Somebody is the book for you.

About Sara:

Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she would really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is the author of Life without Harry, Forever Dead, and Wolf Among Sheep. World Weaver Press will publish her novel, BITE SOMEBODY, this summer.

Find her online

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


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