Book Review: Christine

51-vajo2bjilI make no secret of my love for all the Marie Piper things, and Christine is no exception really.

Admittedly, when I read the cover copy, I was like, “I’ll buy it, and I’ll read it because it’s Marie. But meh.”

As usual when it comes to her stuff, joke was on me.

Once I sat down to read it, I wasn’t getting up until I finished it. Matter of fact, mid-read I texted a friend and said, “You know, sometimes I hate getting sucked into books because I know it’s all just going to end.”

The entire Maidens & Monsters series is based on the members of a secret club, five girls who had survived a massacre on their town of Mapleton, bonded by their scars, memories, love of Edgar Allan Poe, and haunting nightmares.

Christine Dale works at Opal Hall, the performance hall that was commissioned to help rebuild the town anew. She grew up in the hall, and finally convinced Pierre, the manager, to let her be in the show. She performed an awful number with her friend Meg—lucky them.

When Pierre leaves, new managers come into town and turn everything over on its head, including Christine. One of the new managers has a thing for her, and she’s not too sure how to handle it. Especially once the Patron of Opal Hall, who has remained shrouded in shadows, calls to her.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she is conflicted—mentally and emotionally—though she dives headfirst into the Patron, Eric Garrison. (And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t she?)

A masquerade ball that was planned to impress the governor is where it all comes to a head, her sweet Eric and her boss, Rafe, battling for her affections. Who should win? Whose intentions are honest and whose are just smoke in mirrors?

It’s a spin on Phantom of the Opera, in case that wasn’t blatantly obvious what with the character names, professions, and all that. But it really had me going from the get-go.

Well, that’s kind of a lie. It was a slow start, kind of an info-dump of sorts, that had me checking the “percentage read” at the bottom of my Kindle screen asking, “omg, really, I’m not farther than this?”

Pretty soon, though, that quick glance at the bottom of my Kindle screen had me going, “No, I have less than 40 percent with these characters?” That, right there, is when you know an author has done well.

I just couldn’t help but adore sweet, scarred Eric. I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him it would be okay. Not that he’d let me. He only had eyes for Christine.

Sigh. Now to wait until August 9 for the next installment.

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