Book Review: Bite Somebody

Let’s be honest, if you’ve followed my blog at all, I make no secret of how much I love Sara Dobie Bauer. In fact, this is not the first post dedicated to her stuff, the third about Bite Somebody. When I saw the writing prompt from Mama Kat’s Losin’ It was a book review… WELL… I just had to. I’m actually behind in getting my book reviews up, so I dub this week Book Review Week, where I’ll get caught up with the latest books I finished. Be sure to follow and come back for some more awesome romances.

Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer

51g-nd-q1klI’ve shied away from writing a review for Bite Somebody for… well, reasons.

But I feel almost as if I’ve missed something important as I’ve tried to include all the books I’ve read this summer and I left that one out. Despite… reasons.

Bite Somebody is the story of Celia, who is a geeky, awkward, newbie vampire. She drinks blood to survive, but from hospital blood bags obtained through her angry-midget of a dealer (side note: “angry-midget” is one of my favorite descriptors in the whole book).

But, like the good ol’ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, her “life got flipped, turned upside down” when she met Imogene, an older vampire who is gorgeous, confident, sexy, and everything Celia is not; and Ian, her super hot, if not dweeby, neighbor.

Celia can’t seem to control her fangs around Ian which is more than a problem, especially with that freckle on his neck that calls her name. It takes an intervention from her therapist and Imogene to get her fangs under control.

She finally gets all she ever wanted, a guy who worships her and a best friend who is more than questionable, but damned if you don’t wind up adoring her. Then here comes that Fresh Prince flip again, because her creator comes back to town and he’s out for blood. Literally. (Because, what vampire isn’t?)

Honestly, one of the best things about this book is the humor, some of it subtle, and some of it more in-your-face. Seriously, if you don’t laugh out loud at the “Oh, spoon” moment, then you are dead inside. (That is one of my favorite parts of the book.) Even when the proverbial stuff hits the fan, Celia and her rag-tag band of friends always manage to make you laugh.

I admit, I wanted to see Imogene get punched in the face early on, but she grows on you, and quickly becomes a favorite. So much so, the rumored Bite Somebody sequel will focus on her, and *squee.*

If you’re looking for a quick beach read, this is it. (In more ways than one.) If you like vampires but are over the whole sparkling-in-the-sun, angsty ones as of late, this is your reprieve.

The best part about Bite Somebody is that, at no point, does it take itself seriously. It’s meant to be fun… and Sara Dobie Bauer knocked it out of the park in that respect.

About Bite Somebody

“Do you want to be perfect?”

That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags.

What she needs to do—according to her moody vampire friend Imogene—is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face.

When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb

Pick up Bite Somebody at any of the usual suspects:

World Weaver Press  |  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  OmniLit  |  Kobo  |  iTunes

About Sara:

Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she would really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is the author of Life without Harry, Forever Dead, Wolf Among Sheep, and Bite Somebody.

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