Book Review: Beautiful Sacrifice

51f0xilqellBeautiful Sacrifice by Gen Ryan came out last Saturday and I wasted no time delving into it. I loved the first in the series, Beautiful Masterpiece, so I knew this one would be no different.

The good news: I was right about that call.

More good news: The prediction I made about this one actually happened. (I had a big fat fail of a prediction in the first one, which is actually a good thing. If that happened, I might have been completely ruined.)

Even more good news: This one didn’t leave me asking “why Gen, why?”

The bad news: I’m totally in awe (read: jealous) of Gen’s ability to delve so deep into a character’s psyche. It is not something this author will ever be able to do with so much grace and precision. I mean, she made the bad guy likable.

I’ll say that again… SHE MADE THE BAD GUY LIKABLE. It takes skill to make a reader feel compassion for a villain.

More bad news: I know once you start this, you’re not going to put it down. So you need to make sure you set aside some time so that you can actually read it. You’re not going to want to fly through any of the Thin Red Lines series, there are subtle nuances you need to take your time so that you pick them up.

Yes, there’s a reason there’s a burning church on the cover. It’s so haunting, so cryptic, and so mind-blowingly perfect for this book.

Avery and Madison just graduated from the FBI academy and are working their first real case as agents—and wouldn’t you know, it’s a psychotic devil-worshipping couple of serial killers. Along the way, Avery gets tested on multiple levels… not the least of which being her heart when she is face to face with the hot Evan Bradley with the Cajun accent.

It’s a story about learning about herself. About learning to love someone. About learning to forgive. About coping. About overcoming.

If there’s one character in literature who will adapt and overcome, it’s Avery Grant. (Maybe she should have been a Marine instead of an FBI agent with that character trait.)

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About the book

Avery Grant has only known a life of fighting crime. Following in her father’s footsteps, she graduates top of her FBI class and plans to move quickly up the ranks. She has her entire life planned out until she met Detective Evan Bradley.

Evan is everything that Avery vowed to avoid. Married to his job, Evan fights every day to do what’s right, whatever the cost.

Faced with a satanic cult that is sacrificing the innocent, Avery and Evan must work together to apprehend the criminals before any more innocent lives are lost. As they both struggle to navigate through their pasts and growing affection, Avery and Evan fight against a ticking clock and their own feelings.

Will they be able to solve the case and avoid another beautiful sacrifice?

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