Book Review: Fix You

41tvk5tja2lFix You is the story of Maxwell Craver who runs Craver Automotive with his dad. He’s been dating Melanie for two years but there’s just one, rather big, problem with that. He’s gay. He doesn’t deny it. Instead, though, he strings Melanie along hoping to push it away because he knows his dad would never approve of Max being gay. Plus his dad loves Melanie and everyone just assumes they will end up together, not the least of which being Melanie, despite the fact they are hardly intimate.

Enter Jason, the CEO of a bank (and owner of a Supra in need of a makeover). He’s gay. He doesn’t hide it. He is who he is and he’s comfortable with it—despite the pain that lingers from his ex. (Sigh. Bad exes, we’ve all got them.)

The way the two of them eye each other with lust is just adorable. So what’s stopping them?

Max getting in his own way.


Max’s dad’s illness.


It’s a sweet story and I appreciate that Gen opted to take on a character that was struggling with his sexuality. It can’t be an easy situation to be in—in a fictional world, or reality.

Poor Melanie is the real loser in this entire story of acceptance—both of oneself and others. BUT… don’t feel bad for her, I hear she might get her own book.

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