Reader Questions: Virtue of Death

51e1p4z6edlI get asked “why?” about a lot of different things on my novel Virtue of Death. Today, I’m going to answer them.

Why angels?

Why not angels? In the interest of being honest, I did not originally plan to write angels. It was a complete accident that came about after I decided to give the character a full-back angel wings tattoo. I was like, “wait, what if she actually was an angel?” Because the character is so perky and pretty, I wanted to make her an angel of death. I love the dichotomy of that. (In fact, you’ll find a lot of dichotomy in my characters.)

Also, I’m friends with a lot of other authors who have written vampires, shifters, and other paranormal creatures so I wanted to bring something new to the table.

My angels are different than what you’d expect. They don’t hang out in the clouds acting as voyeurs to the human race. They walk among us. They struggle with self-doubt and purpose in their life. They live, they love, they hurt.

Why baking?

She was always going to be a baker and he was always going to be a food critic, even in my original non-paranormal plot. The reason why was because I always wanted the two of them to be able to bond over something, but to come at it from two very different angles. Food is something we can all relate to at the most primal level. Even coming from two different worlds, they could find common ground. He’s pretty damn grateful for that, too, because if not for that common ground, she might not have given him the time of day.

Why Virginia Beach?

I grew up in Virginia Beach. I know the area well, and although when I was seventeen I couldn’t wait to get out of there, a piece of my heart was left behind. I miss the smell of the beach (every beach smells different, believe it or not), I miss the sound of the waves, wandering the shore hand-in-hand with a guy. Writing my old stomping grounds let me return home without actually having to do the eight-hour drive.

I knew exactly where I wanted her bakery to be on the Boardwalk. I knew exactly where I wanted her house to be. I could picture them in my mind so vividly, and I hope I was able to make that come to life for my readers as well.

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