Reader Questions: Wreck You

41s16ai78blI did it for Virtue of Death, so to celebrate the Wreck You‘s book birthday, I’ll do it again. I’m going to answer some of the common questions I get.

Why write male/male?

I’ve actually wanted to write a male/male for a while. I, however, let my self-doubts take over and I convinced myself that there’s no way I could do it well so I kept pushing it out of my head. Besides, I had so many other writing projects that I couldn’t let this one creep in and take another’s place.

Then my fabulous publisher, Hot Tree Publishing, put out a call specifically for male/male novellas for a new series entitled Trade Me. That little spark in the back of my head roared into a blazing fire. In fact, I had a shaggy-haired guy pop into my head. Not only did he pop into my head, he introduced himself. At that point, Blake was real and begging for his story to get told, so I let him jump to the head of the line.

Why mechanics?

Part of the stipulations of the Trade Me series is that at least one character must work a trade job. Since I already covered bakers in Virtue of Death, I knew I had to go with something different. However, the only trade that really crossed my mind was mechanic.

I spent two years in college selling aftermarket car parts, developing relationships with the local mechanics when I delivered their parts, and even learning quite a lot about cars. How do you think I know an Astro van’s rotors are so heavy? Because I had to lug them around for customers all the time. So, it was just logical for me to use my knowledge and love of cars, and some of the people I knew from my parts days as inspiration for a story.

Are these characters real then?

Three characters in this story are, in fact, very loosely based on real people I worked with in some shape, form, or fashion during my parts days.

Is the shop real?

Yes and no. Hard and Fast does not exist in real life, at least not that I know of. However, whenever I pictured the shop, I pictured one I did a lot of business with years ago. In fact, this particular shop had a guy who took really good care of me, and kept my piece of crap car on the road. I kind of felt it was a great homage to his generosity to write his shop.

Will we see a story where Lydia gets her HEA?

Maybe. I won’t say never. I have been asked about it, and there’s a tiny little nugget of an idea rolling in my head for her, but I have quite a few projects that will come first.

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