Cover Reveal and Reader Questions: Promises of Virtue

I do this for all my books, so let’s get going. A quick Q&A about Promises of Virtue.

First, though, look at the pretty cover.


Why did Cheryl get her own book?

There was a point in time where I struggled, absolutely struggled, to get Virtue of Death past the 37,000 word mark. Around that time, I started to think it would end up a novella, and I’d create a second novella, that one about Cheryl, and mash them together to make it of a publishable length.

Virtue of Death finally hit novel length on its own, so I started plotting out a sequel because even though Cheryl doesn’t believe in happily ever afters, God knows she deserved one after all she did in Virtue of Death.

A lot of the reviewers of Virtue of Death felt Cheryl stole the show and wanted to see a book devoted to her. Far be it for me to deny them that.

Why France?

Why the hell not? Actually, I decided that Cheryl was going to France before Virtue of Death was completed, so I had to make sure it set Promises up the way I wanted it to be.

Plus, anyone who knows me well knows how much I adore France, so of course I had to write it. This book takes you on a tour of some of my favorite places (and a few I didn’t get to make it to, but will be on the itinerary for my next trip).

Chateau de Chenonceau is my favorite place, ever. So of course it had to make an appearance, it had to touch Cheryl the way it did me, and it had to be on the cover.

Is there French in the book? Do you speak it?

Yes, there is French in the book. Yes, I do kind of, sort of, speak it. I took four years in high school, but it’s true what they say, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” I had the French phrases in the book verified by a native French speaker, though.

You shouldn’t be lost. When in Luc’s point of view, the phrases are translated. When in Cheryl’s, they are not, as she wouldn’t know what they meant, but there should be enough context clues to get it across.

However, a majority of the French is basic conversational and the brunt is in English.

Will we learn more about Cheryl?

Of course, it’s 77,000 words devoted to her. Actually, you get to see a side of Cheryl that she didn’t even know she had.

Are those pieces of art real?

Yes. All of the pieces of art mentioned from the museums and castles are very real. And the pieces that are mentioned at each museum do, in fact, reside at said location, or at least did at the time the manuscript was written.

 Is there another book?

There will be one more Earthbound Angels book (I hope—I still need to finish it and my publisher has to accept it!).

This third one has been quite elusive to me. At first it was going to be a prequel, about the girls when they first got their wings. But a lot of that information actually found its way into Virtue of Death, so that was out.

Then I thought I’d write about Cheryl’s dad, maybe redeem him a bit since he ended up a complete jerk at the end of the first one. I started writing it that way, but I wasn’t feeling it. So I scrapped it.

I finally figured out the third one, and I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo. (Which, contrary to this post, I did actually squeak in a win at the end of the month.) I’m loving it, even if it is much darker than the first two.

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