Try Before You Buy: Earthbound Angels Edition

I know it’s hard to take a chance on a new author, no matter what the reviews tell you. Will you like their voice? Their characters? Their world? There’s so much at play and what one person likes, another will absolutely despise.

Case in point: my husband loves chicken wings and I abhor them.

So, how about a tiny little snippet of each of the Earthbound Angels books?

Virtue of Death

Cover Copy

51e1p4z6edlAt eighteen, Sera Moore chose to go to culinary school while a higher power selected her to become an angel, specifically, an angel of death.

Now, twelve years later, Sera’s a successful baker during the day and performs her angelic duties at night. The only thing missing in her life is a man, but the last thing she wants is to fall head over wings in love. It seems her relationships are unable to survive once she reveals her nighttime activities, so it’s easier to not even bother.

But when a tenacious food critic won’t take a hint, can Sera lower her wings long enough to risk her heart one more time?


Moments later, she returned to the ground and wiped away the tears that she wouldn’t allow to fall in front of the soul she had to take. There were swarms of police for the better part of two blocks, but she ignored them when she noticed Destin leaning against the tinted picture window of her empty bakery, his travel bag slung over his shoulder, and a concerned look on his face.

His face registered her presence just moments before she jumped into his arms, her hands tangling in his hair as she pressed her lips to his. “I was wondering where you were, angel.” She sighed. She knew he called her that because of her tattoo, but if only he knew how true “angel” really was. She kissed him again.

“Your lips are really warm,” he said. “Are you okay?” Although she had returned to her petite blonde human form, the residual heat she emitted as an angel remained a bit longer.

“Never better,” she said, and she pulled him down to her mouth again, kissing him with an intense desire she didn’t even know resided in her, the stress of the job she just completed out of her mind.

Available in e-book and paperback.

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Promises of Virtue

Cover Copy

pov_ebook_cover-smallLove has never been Cheryl Brigham’s plan. She’s not cut out for second dates, relationships, or happily ever afters.

All that changes when she’s on vacation in Paris. First dates lead to second dates, which leads to a whole lot more than she ever bargained for—but she knows it’s all over when she returns home. That’s okay with her.

Until it’s not.

When it’s no-strings-attached, what will Cheryl do when her heart gets tangled up?


He placed his hands on her shoulders so she’d stop moving and laid his lips on her cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yep, tomorrow.” She flashed him a smile, and then she popped her earphones into her ears and took off at a light jog up to the Jardin des Tuileries.

She jogged around the outside edge of the gardens, taking in the beauty of her surroundings. The music on her phone stopped when she finished a lap. Realizing she’d neglected to charge it, she sighed deeply; runs without music were more work than those with it. Heck, she had purchased an awesome charger that would work in any outlet around the world, so she had no excuse.

Returning the phone back to the pocket of her running skirt, she turned to head back to her apartment when a pair of broad shoulders caught her attention. A tall, blond, and stunningly gorgeous runner went by. Finding herself drawn to him, her trip to the apartment was forgotten, as was the cute guy who just asked her out for the following day. Despite the fact that she had no tunes, she took off and followed him around the gardens, putting off her trip to the Louvre a little bit longer. After all, that ass was a fine piece of art in and of itself.

Releases February 4, 2017, e-book first. Paperback to come.

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