Book Review: Lucy

41p3nto2bgkl-_sy346_I’m taking a whirlwind trip through the Maidens & Monsters series by Marie Piper this week.

Next up is Lucy.

Oh, I kind of forgot to mention that Mina was a spin on Dracula, but I should hope it was fairly obvious when I mentioned a Count Dalca, but you never know. The entire series is a retelling of one gothic tale after another but each with a kick-ass heroine.

As a recap, Christine is Phantom of the Opera. Mina is Dracula. Lucy is The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Okay, now we’re all caught up again, right? Right.


Lucy is one of two Carew sisters, who also happen to be the mayor’s daughters, and who are both members of the Maidens & Monsters secret clique. I’m telling you, these girls are straight up down to some Mean Girls level shit in this one.


Because this one finally unravels a little bit more of the mystery of the Mapleton Massacre. (But not all of it. No worries. Marie is keeping the real truth hostage until the end of Elizabeth.) Don’t cross these girls, though. Seriously. They will cut you. (Lucy did cut a guy, legit.)

Lucy is the lady of the house, and the schoolteacher now that Miss Thorpe has been committed to the insane asylum. (That happened in Mina in case you weren’t paying attention.) She’s prim, proper, and even engaged to Dr. Henry Jekyll. (Once again, we didn’t get to see this courtship. I get that these are turning out to be more gothic than romance… but… if you want my biggest gripe, that’s it. At least we got it with Christine.)

Then weird things start happening. Someone is attacked. Someone is killed. Who did it?

All signs point to… I’m not telling you. But you know it’s not someone you want to do it. Otherwise I’d tell you, right?

But it’s not what you think.

Or is it?

Remember the Mean Girls stuff I mentioned? Yeah, now that Christine is home, the real fun begins. There’s midnight meetings, there’s vindictive little plans concocted that actually work. (I mean, come on, it seemed far too transparent to me… especially for The Spider to see through with her eight eyes… but hey, if it works, it works.) They claim Mina’s the head of the Maidens, but I disagree. Christine all the way. The way they came back together and were all like girl power once she was back. Yeah.

Next up is Esme, which is a retelling of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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