Man Meat Monday: Week One

Welcome to March, and welcome to Man Meat Monday–a horribly demeaning way of thinking that is purely an excuse for Gen Ryan and I to look up pictures of hot guys. (You’re welcome, though.)

The rules are simple. We have a category. We get one pick in each category. Each Monday in March we’ll share three or four with you. The categories are arbitrary and may or may not have been created just so we had an excuse to look up pictures of certain men.

Allow me to introduce you to the players…

Randi: I’m a paranormal and contemporary romance author. I love cars, music, and accents.

Gen Ryan: I’m a contemporary and romantic suspense author. I like nerds, tattoos, and a little mystery.

I know, I know, shut the hell up and get to the hot men.


Randi: Keith Urban

I would gladly take that guitar’s place.

Anyone who has known me for about two seconds knows that I’m addicted to everything there is about this man (save for his wife, but that’s just not something I want to get into–in my fantasy world, she doesn’t exist). I love long hair, so his shaggy locks don’t bother me any. The blue eyes. The ink. (Save for the one that says Nicole his right arm. Or the one on his left shoulder that says Laura, but I’m sure he got rid of that one/covered it up by now.) And OMG, the accent. I could just drown in it.

The way he plays his guitar… such joy, such precision, such love, and I’m willing to bet he pays that much loving attention to a woman in his arms too. I volunteer as tribute. (I make no apologies to his wife for this. As mentioned before, in my fantasy world, she isn’t real.)

Side note: Yes, I’ve written him. That particular piece is out for submission somewhere. *crossing fingers* I’d love my Keith-inspired character to meet the world. He’s already one of my beta’s book boyfriend.

Gen: Adam Levine

The happiest place on Earth.

Close your eyes and listen to his voice. Amazing, right? Then open your eyes and wipe the drool from your chin.

For me, I am a sucker for tattoos and a toned body. I mean, look at those arms, and abs and that delicious vee that leads to the happiest place on earth (Disney World ain’t got jack on Adam Levine). I’ve also been known to swoon over hair. I love the hair swoop. I’m not even sure that’s the word for it, but I want to run my hands through it while similteously touching his arms.

I promise I’m not creepy and I apologize to his wife if she’s reading this. *waves*

[Randi’s note: I second the Disney World statement.]

Actor (movie)

Gen: Keanu Reeves


I fell in love with Keanu in the Matrix and he has been one of my favorite actors ever since. His exotic look and dark features give him that air of mystery that makes you wonder if he’s naughty or nice?

This picture is simple, yet amazing. I have a thing for men in white t-shirts and jeans. And he’s leaning on a motorcycle. It’s not just for show, he actually likes to ride and I’m sure he looks nothing sort of hunkalicious riding down the street.

I waited for the day I was 18 and old enough to date him but alas, we have yet to meet and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know I exist but a girl can dream, right? I do, every single night.

[Randi’s note: That picture. If I stare at that long enough, I might become a Keanu fan after all.]

Randi: Chris Pine

Those eyes. That scruff. Take me now.

This one was a tough one, because if I were brutally honest, it’d be Heath Ledger, specifically Ten Thing I Hate About You Heath Ledger. But, I’m going to keep it with men who are still breathing. Wait. Before we move on, let’s have a moment of silence for the late, great Heath Ledger.

Has it been a minute?

I’m going to go with Chris Pine. I fell for him in The Princess Diaries II. (Don’t judge me. I loved those movies and it was a rare instance where the movie was significantly better than the book.) But he’s just so… yum. He makes an amazing Kirk (without… the… weird… speech… patterns). He makes an amazing royal. Dammit, I don’t think there’s anything that Chris Pine wouldn’t make amazing.

Side note: I have a manuscript out at my publisher with a character who is very much Chris Pine.

Actor (television)

Randi: Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter, Suits)

Yes counselor, I’ve been bad. I need to be locked up… in your arms.

To be honest, I fell for Gabriel Macht ten years ago when a new neighbor and I bonded over the fact he was the one good thing about the movie Because I Said So.

A few years ago, when I found out he was going to be starring in the show Suits on USA, I didn’t care if the show sucked (it really doesn’t, it’s pretty damn good), I was watching every second of that show, because I needed every drool-inducing second of this man on my 55-inch television (recently upgraded to 65-inches–size really does matter).

He plays such a likable asshole, and I just love the way he looks in a suit. (I mean… look at him. JUST. EFFING. LOOK. AT. HIM.) When he’s vulnerable. When he’s being bad-ass.

Oh who am I kidding? Always.

Gen: Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds)

Smart and sexy. Yes, please.

It’s no secret I love psychology and serial killers. So, it’s no surprise when I say Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows and I may have a slight infatuation with Dr. Spencer Reid. I could listen to him spout his facts all day. He’s attractive in the “I’m so nerdy please corrupt me way.” I would so love to show him what it’s like to be bad. Who am I kidding, I’m a nerd too which is probably why I love him.

Side note: My character Scott Reynolds from Beautiful Masterpiece was loosely based off him because I’m that obsessed.


Parting shots:

Randi: To my “Viva la Colin” girls… he’s coming. I didn’t forget.

Gen: I feel like I’m demeaning all these mean and should say something about their stellar personalities but that’s not what I’m looking at. If it’s a crime to ogle fine looking men, sue me.

Randi: *sticks my hands out to be cuffed* I’ll share the jail cell with you.

Stay tuned for next week! Hit us up in the comments with who your favorites are.

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*Disclaimer: I in no way own, or claim to own, the copyright to these photos. Found them on a Google Images search.



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