Man Meat Monday: Week Two

Welcome to week two of Man Meat Monday. What’s your pleasure? Gen Ryan and I are going to give you some of ours.

In case you missed last week (and you should go back and read it if you did), Gen Ryan and I are making up completely arbitrary categories and then giving you our picks for our favorite famous men in those categories.


Randi and Gen: Benedict Cumberbatch

scruffy ben 3-13
*licks lips* C’mere, Ben. Lemme play with that hair.

Randi: I had seen a few other movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch before (Atonement anyone? Which is a movie I wanted to gouge my eyes out rather than watch in its entirety, but I digress.) but he never really caught my attention until my best friend convinced me to watch Sherlock. At that point we were three seasons deep on Netflix, but we watched them all in less than a week. I was smitten with the floppy-haired detective immediately. And oh holy crap on a cracker, when he went scruffy on a case—damn. Dare I say, the man wears a suit like none other. No, he’s not built quite like the other guys on these lists have been, he’s so… British and proper… but I can’t help but adore him anyway. Seriously, the man has the best sense of humor (I find a sense of humor sexy as hell). Don’t believe me?

The defense rests.

*dreamy sigh*

Gen: Any excuse to browse photos of Benedict is okay with me. Honestly, I love him in everything he’s ever been in and when Sherlock came up for this week, I didn’t even have to think about it, but I still spent a good hour just flipping through photos.

Those eyes. His hair. Absolutely, adorable. ‘Nuff said.


Randi and Gen: Pierce Brosnan

Show me your gun!

Gen: When I think of Bond, Pierce always comes to mind. He’s dark and handsome and has a killer accent. And he knows how to use his…gun. It’s big and long and…I’ll just stop there because I shouldn’t sexualize a gun. *giggles*

Randi: I’m going against my own generation here, because I know every girl my age should be jumping up and down screaming Daniel Craig in some strange three-syllable chant that actually works without the rhythm getting screwed to hell. But I just can’t.

pierce brosnan
*sings* Sweet dreams are made of these…

I’ve been a Pierce Brosnan girl since… well, Mrs. Doubtfire when I was technically too young to be a Pierce Brosnan girl. When I heard he was going to be Bond, I was just like, “well, hell yeah he is.” Seriously, that chase scene in Die Another Day, how could that not just rev your engine? I mean, that smokin’ hot Aston Martin V12 Vanquish with Pierce Brosnan behind the wheel is what dreams are made of.


Randi: Prime Minister David, Love Actually

I’m going to go a little off-grid here, because I know you just thought you were going to catch me with using this as an excuse for that amazing picture of Justin Trudeau’s ass. But NO.

Hahahahaha. Made you look.

I’m going to go with Prime Minister David, played by one of my all-time favorite Brits, Hugh Grant, in Love Actually. He’s just… yeah, I’ve got nothing. Just roll the clip.

From what I understand, Hugh Grant so did not want to do that scene. He found it a very un-Prime Minister thing to do. But, I think now that the world has Justin Trudeau’s ass, he might ease up on that stance a little bit.

You know you want it, and I’m one to oblige, here it is, the most recent ass to break the internet.

Oh my god, look at that butt.

Gen: Aaron Schock

He’s got our vote.

Who is he? What does he do? *Throws up hands dramatically* I have no idea but I support his cause 110%. Any man with abs like that MUST know what he’s talking about, right?

Apparently, he’s a congressman and will give you the shirt off his back (nice play on words Men’s Health) and I totally support this take on politics because any other time I’m running in the other direction. For Mr. Schock, I’ll be running straight into his toned, delicious arms.

Randi: Wow, my picks this week have been overwhelmingly British, haven’t they? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, we’ve added a fourth category this week…


Gen: Colin Farrell

*throws bra*

He’s looking at me, taunting me with his come hither eyes. I’d so curl up in his lap and let him whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I swear he could recite the Pledge of Allegiance and I’d hand him my bra and underwear. Just listen to him, I swear you won’t be disappointed. You might even want to shed some clothes of your own.

Randi: Colin O’Donoghue

Gather ‘round for story time. My husband was watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix while I was doing something else, anything else. My God, the concept of the show was kind of ridiculous. Then I looked up and laid eyes on the hottest thing to ever have a hook and be decked out in leather. I tossed aside what I was doing and told him I was in.

Boy have I ever been. Hell, I bitch and moan during the episodes without enough Hook. When the plot line got beyond ridiculous, I still tuned in, just because I want a glimpse of the sheer perfection that is Colin O’Donoghue.

Yo ho ho, a pirate’s life for me.

There’s nothing wrong with this man. His eyes are amazing. His hair, God I just want to play with it. Whew, on the rare times you get to see his abs… I would actually be willing to do laundry on that washboard. When he’s wearing his glasses and being all dorky, he’s just so flipping adorable.

In the end, when it came for a picture, I kept coming back to this one. Because as great as his smile is (and it is), I absolutely lose it when he’s rocking the leather, the guyliner, and the brooding smolder. That is just… screams bad boy and I love it. And the way the word “love” falls off his tongue, just, holy crap. His wife is one lucky lady indeed.

Stay tuned for next week! Hit us up in the comments with who your favorites are.

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