Man Meat Monday: Week 3

Are we having fun yet? Now it’s time to tackle some serious issues. Like brothers and tattoos. If you haven’t gone back to read Week 1 or Week 2, I suggest it. But for those who don’t know what we’re doing, Gen Ryan and I are taking the hard work out of ogling men for you, and spending countless hours on a Google images search of our favorite men in various (and completely random) categories.

Wahlberg Brother

Randi and Gen: Mark Wahlberg

Randi: Mark. Hands down, no question. The others don’t exist to me. It’s all Mark, all the time. I am not talking about 1991 crotch-grabbing, Calvin Klein-wearing, Funky Bunch Mark Wahlberg. (In fact, unless “Good Vibrations” is on, I refuse to acknowledge the Funky Bunch even existed.) I mean, just… yeah. The only thing is he strikes me as a cuddler, and I’m definitely not… but you know, for him I might make an exception.

Yeah, exceptions can be made.

This man is gorgeous from any angle.


mark wahlberg
Mmmmm, Marky Mark

Gen: I mean, honestly how can you not love Markie-Mark? From a young girl, I remember seeing his shirtless picture on my aunt’s wall and wondering what the attraction was. I was only 6 or 7 at this point so all boys had cooties but now that I am an adult, I can appreciate him much, much more in all his glory. I must say, he just gets more attractive as he gets older. He is indeed like a fine wine, better with age.

Hemsworth Brother

Gen: Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth
Let’s pretend the ring isn’t there. lol

This was a hard one for me because I love both Hemsworth brothers. They are equally attractive, of course in their own way, but as I surfed the web and found this picture, it was like he was searching deep into my soul and those eyes-*fans self*. I’ll just ignore the wedding band on his finger, and on mine. (Sorry hun.)


Randi: Liam Hemsworth

Break me off a piece of that.

This one’s a tricky thing. I love my men blonde and accented. And Chris Hemsworth is hot, no question.

But for some reason, I’m more drawn to the dark-haired brother—so despite his questionable taste in women, I’m going to say Liam. (Liam, let’s be real here. We all know you can do better than Miley. Blink twice if you’re being held against your will.) I think it might be the Gale thing, I don’t know (which is ironic given that I’m Team Peeta, and always have been, even in the books), but I just find myself more willing to stare at Liam over Chris.

Then again, if Chris showed up at my door, I definitely wouldn’t turn him away. I mean, let’s get serious, I’m not *that* attached to his brother.

Tatted Guy

Gen: David Beckham

david beckham

I don’t think there are words that are needed to describe David Beckham. His tattoos, the little smirk on his face. Sigh. I’m pretty sure all girls mourned the day he was off the market, myself included. But at least I can still stare at pictures of him on the internet and pretend I’m Victoria and pretend that smile is just for me.

Randi: Travis Deslaurier

There are no words.

Under normal circumstances, I’d say Keith Urban or Adam Levine, but those two were addressed two weeks ago. So, now I’m back at square one. Well, hell.

Really, I have fellow Hot Tree author Dahlia Donovan to thank for this answer… because if not for her, I’d never know about the gloriousness that is Travis Deslaurier. She posted stuff all the time while she was writing Found You with Travis (she still does, actually) because he inspired a character, and for that I just have to give her a huge thank you. If you don’t follow her on Facebook, you are missing out on some gorgeous man candy.travis

I mean… The ink. The abs. The hair. Those eyes. THAT HAIR! He’s so damn hot, I couldn’t pick just one picture, so you get two.

One more week, and four more categories to go. Stay tuned next week.


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*Disclaimer: I in no way own, or claim to own, the copyright to these photos. Found them on a Google Images search.



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