Cover Reveal: Bite Somebody Else

If you read anything last summer, it should have been my book, Virtue of Death, available everywhere. (It was a cheap pop, I admit it.)

If you read another book last summer, it should have been Bite Somebody, by the ever-entertaining Sara Dobie Bauer.

I offered her a guest blog spot today, the second most exciting day of a book’s release—cover reveal—but she turned me down. It’s like she’s busy or something. Some of us have multiple jobs too, you know, Sara!

That leaves me with an empty blog to fill about the joy that is her next release, aptly titled, Bite Somebody Else.


Look at that cover. I mean, LOOK. AT. IT. It’s Imogene in all her fangy glory. Who doesn’t want to pick up a book with a giant purple-haired chick on the cover wearing a t-shirt with fangs? I know I’d pick up that bad boy in a store. (Luckily I don’t have to do that, my copy will be mailed directly to me–likely before the June 20, 2017 release.) Do you want a copy to be mailed to you, lovingly packed by the editor-in-chief of World Weaver Press herself? Pre-order it from the publisher. (Okay, okay, you can pre-order from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or even Kobo if you prefer. But in the interest of supporting small businesses, I urge you to go straight to the publisher.)

Now that the exciting part is out of the way, I sat down and gave some serious thought to Imogene’s perfect playlist. See, Imogene is a dancer. And she loves classic music. By classic music I mean the stuff from the eighties and nineties that, until a few years ago, it wasn’t cool to admit you were into. Since I’m an eighties girl myself, I thought I’d build Imogene’s perfect eighties playlist.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: I Love Rock and Roll

I can totally see Imogene hitting up the cutie leaning against the jukebox. Maybe she’ll turn him. Who really knows. But he’s a tasty snack to go with a damn good song that makes anyone dance along with it. Plus, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love rock and roll?

David Bowie: Dance, Magic Dance from Labyrinth

Imogene’s love of Bowie is well known, in both books. I thought about it, but there’s just something about this one that, even with the baby-centric theme to the song, she’d be all about it. I mean, Imogene would get down with her bad dance, magic dance and jump, magic jump self. (Side note: did you know all the baby noises in the recording of the song, Bowie made himself? It’s true.)

Michael Jackson: Bad

I think Imogene is a closet MJ fan. I don’t know that she’d ever admit it, but he had some serious moves that I think rival Miss Imogene herself. (You thought I was going to call her by her last name, didn’t you? HA! Nope. Even though I know it and you don’t.) If she was down with dancing in the eighties, she had to be down with the master himself. Because, you know, he’s bad.

Guns N Roses: Welcome to the Jungle

You know Imogene is down with some Guns N Roses, in fact, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she slept with and/or snacked on Axl. Look at the way he moves in the video—yeah, that’s some straight up Imogene-bait right there. His hips had her from word one. (It’s a shame she didn’t turn him while he was in his prime. Then we could have eighties Axl for all time instead of what he’s become.)


For now, you’ve got to wait till June 20, just like everyone else to get more of Imogene. In the meantime, you should pick up Bite Somebody. (If you already picked it up, good for you. You should read it again to get ready for the sequel.) Then go follow Sara on Twitter. Tell her I sent you, and tell her she needs to write the blog post next time.


Imogene helped her newbie vampire friend Celia hook up with an adorable human, but now Celia has dropped an atomic bomb of surprise: she has a possibly blood-sucking baby on the way. Imogene is not pleased, especially when a mysterious, ancient, and annoyingly gorgeous vampire historian shows up to monitor Celia’s unprecedented pregnancy.

Lord Nicholas Christopher Cuthbert III is everything Imogene hates: posh, mannerly, and totally uninterested in her. Plus, she thinks he’s hiding something. So what if he smells like a fresh garden and looks like a rich boarding school kid just begging to be debauched? Imogene has self-control. Or something.

As Celia’s pregnancy progresses at a freakishly fast pace, Imogene and Nicholas play an ever-escalating game of will they or won’t they, until his sexy maker shows up on Admiral Key, forcing Nicholas to reveal his true intentions toward Celia’s soon-to-arrive infant.

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