Hello Fresh Experiment: Pork Tenderloin with Lemony Potatoes

Today was the second meal in our Hello Fresh experiment. This time it was roasted pork tenderloin with lemony potatoes and zucchini. I’ve had friends take on this experiment with me, and they made the pork already and they told me it was good.

I’m not a huge pork person, so I was like, “eh, whatever.”

Let me tell you, it was fabulous.

First I started by cutting up some potatoes for roasting, and once those went in, I cut up the zucchini. I cut up the whole thing even though I knew I’d be the only one eating it. (Hey. What happened to the two-bite rule, jerky family members of mine?) By the way, this is huge for me because it used to be that the only way I’d eat zucchini was in my neighbor’s chocolate zucchini bread. But roasted and seasoned well, I can dig it.

I was supposed to put huge honking pieces of onion with the zucchini, and as we addressed last time… onions are a no-go. That said, I got a little adventurous and I cut a few into rings and placed them on top of the zucchini with the intent of taking them off later.

Okay. So. Next up, season up and sear the pork tenderloins. I went a bit off book here because I have this  meat seasoning blend I get at Whole Foods (called Borsari—it’s amazing) and one day I accidentally picked up the “citrus blend” and I’ve never used it. Well, this seemed as good a time as any because of the lemon in the recipe so that’s how I seasoned it instead of the salt and pepper.

Then I put the pork on top of the onions and zucchini and threw it into the oven.

Made the glaze out of some cryptic stuff in a yellow packet called “chicken demi-glaze,” garlic, butter, water, and lemon juice. I don’t know what the hell chicken demi-glaze is, but it was damn good, if not a bit on the salty side. I’m wondering if there’s a bit of soy in it, though my husband thinks it reminded him more of a beef au jus. It’s probably magic snowflakes and puppy snot, but regardless, it was good.

Here’s where I broke down a bit… when I pulled it out, the pork wasn’t quite ready. So I put it back in.

Pulled it out a few minutes later and some of the meat in the center was a very, very, very light pink. I know my hubby when it comes to pork and if it’s not white, he’s not eating it, so I did the one thing that would probably have giphy3Gordon Ramsay throw me out of my own kitchen… I cut the pork into serving pieces and put it back in the convection oven for a few minutes. (In hindsight, if I had just turned the oven onto convection to start, it never would have happened. What good are the high end gadgets if I don’t use them?)

Hubs had to get out the door so it was a mad dash to get the stuff plated so my plates were far from pretty. In fact, they were pretty damn pathetic looking, which is why you get a picture from Hello Fresh of the recipe I made. See. Pretty.

Roasted pork with lemony potatoes and roasted zucchini, courtesy of Hello Fresh!

My husband, who has been leery as hell of this entire Hello Fresh experiment of mine, finished everything on his plate and then informed me that next time I should pick a recipe that he would actually eat. The sarcasm is strong in my house, no? My daughter ate all the pork I served her, plus a little of mine. My husband finished his plate, and then picked the potatoes off the kid’s and my plates that we didn’t eat. Yeah. It was horrible.

I’d call this one a definite success.

If you’re interested in experimenting with Hello Fresh, click here to get $40 off your first box. (So you can get six meals—three dinners, two servings of each—for $20.) 



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