Hello Fresh Experiment: Chicken Gone Nuts

Tonight was a mad dash home because storms are supposed to set in tonight and I needed to get the back yard mowed before all hell broke loose. (It’s quarter to six and still absolutely gorgeous out. But I have friends who live to the west and … well, it’s coming.) That said, I didn’t want to make dinner. I had to do a lot of pep talking to get off the chair and start cooking.

Tonight was Chicken Gone Nuts, which is chicken breasts coated in panko and walnuts with cooked carrots and roasted broccoli.

Let’s get one thing straight right now… I knew when I picked this one that I’d be flipping two proverbial fingers to this recipe and moving on with my life.

I wanted the chicken, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I can’t believe I didn’t think to add nuts to panko breading on the chicken before now.

giphy2Broccoli is a big fat nopity, nope, nope. Screw my two-bite rule… I’ve had two bites of broccoli several times in my life and didn’t like it any of those times. But the kid likes broccoli so I made it for her. As it turns out, the broccoli was rather sad looking, and only half of it looked good enough to cook up. I’d probably e-mail customer service and bitch… if I cared about the broccoli. But I don’t, so HelloFresh customer service is free from my wrath. (Count yourselves lucky, HelloFresh. There are several companies that likely have my name and picture hanging under the heading, “Not for the faint of heart.” Seriously. I took on AllState in 2014. Don’t eff with me.)

So, this had to be the easiest HelloFresh recipe in the history of the world. Brush chicken with Dijon (which I’m admittedly not a fan of, but it’s in such a minute quantity, I’ll deal), and then put the mixture of walnut pieces, panko, and Italian seasoning on top. Then bake. Easy as all get out.

The broccoli was on the same pan, roasted in a little olive oil and Italian seasoning.

Now… I was supposed to cook up the carrots in a little water, butter, and sugar. But I don’t like cooked carrots, I never have. Nor does my daughter. So I left them raw. And then my daughter snacked on all but four while dinner was cooking. When it came time to plate, I got two of the remaining four—how nice of her, right? Though, how can I complain about a kid who willingly eats that many carrots?

So this was her plate. My plate had the other half of the chicken breast and my two measly carrot sticks, and my husband’s plate had just one piece of chicken on it. If I wasn’t such a fail of a wife, I would have made up baked potatoes to go with it, but alas. Fail.

Munchkin’s dinner. She and I split a chicken breast.

Impressions? It was disturbingly simple. I mean, I’ve been doing the whole “chicken breaded in panko with Italian seasoning mixed into it” thing for years. The walnuts and Dijon were new, and I liked the walnut addition, but not sure if it was worth the money this box cost. Munchkin didn’t like the broccoli roasted with Italian seasoning and, hell, if the kid and I are going to munch on some raw carrots I can get a whole hell of a lot more from the produce section for a dollar.

The impressive part is that the kid did actually eat her chicken. Then again, she always ate the homemade chicken nuggets I made using panko before so it shouldn’t have surprised me.

In the end, this particular dinner—nowhere near worth it. Was it tasty? Yes. Enough food? Since we didn’t eat the broccoli and the kid didn’t let me have many of the carrots, that’s a big nope. Could I have made it on my own without the HelloFresh box and for a whole lot cheaper? Yup.

In the end, this one goes in the fail category. Not because it sucked, but the box was just not worth it here. It didn’t teach me anything new or wasn’t something I haven’t done before.

If you’re interested in experimenting with Hello Fresh, click here to get $40 off your first box. (So you can get six meals—three dinners, two servings of each—for $20. What have you got to lose? Just don’t pick this dinner.) 


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