Hello Fresh Experiment: Gussied-Up Grits

Confession time. I was supposed to make the third Hello Fresh meal Friday night for dinner. I didn’t. I was, quite frankly, tired after grocery shopping right after work and didn’t feel like it. Instead I went to Qdoba and got chicken soft tacos.

I toyed with just throwing this one away, if I’m honest. I knew my family wouldn’t eat it. Wilted spinach? Nope. Not gonna happen for my husband or my kid, despite my insistence you can’t taste it, and our two-bite rule. Sigh. That’s why I was going to make it Friday because I knew they’d be out of town. But when it came down to it, I was a bit afraid of it too.

Friday night my neighbor came down and I told her about it and she was intrigued so I told her to come over Saturday and I’d make it for lunch.

Y’all, I’m so damn glad I did. It was good. (Worth the money? No. But good nonetheless.)

It should go without saying that the tomatoes that came with it were ignored. I’ve done a lot of trying new things, but those will remain a nope for me. (See, I’m picky like my family, just not as picky. Ha! Mom, when did you ever think I’d be the least picky one?!?!)

I was supposed to dice up half a red onion and that was a nopity nope, nope from me. But… before I get yelled at for ignoring two things in this box, I did actually mince up part of the red onion. (Truth be told, I have gotten to the point that I add tiny bits of onion just so my CP will tell me how proud she is of me and give me a virtual pat on the head, like I’m an onion-cooking puppy.) I didn’t cut up much, mind you, and the flavor was noticeable but not offensive.

I cut up three of the five little potatoes they sent for the hash because, I just didn’t need that much potato. Set them off to the side.

Then it came time to make the bacon! My daughter is a bacon fiend, so even though I only needed half the bacon for the recipe, I cooked it all up to have bacon bits for her tomorrow night. Set those off to the side, and then cooked the potatoes and onions in the pan I made the bacon in. I actually drained out most of the bacon grease because I didn’t want greasy potatoes. More than once, though, I found myself adding water so I could deglaze the pan and get the yummy bacon goodness of the bottom. Wilted the spinach. I should have wilted more, but I’m baby stepping my way into this vegetable thing. Don’t judge me.

Then I had to make the grits. Y’all, they were instant grits. I feared Joe Pesci was going to come around the corner and give me the speech about how I was not a self-respecting Southerner.

In all truth, I think next time I’m going to make this with polenta instead. (Same basic thing, but I like polenta a bit more than instant grits.)

Easiest plating ever. A plop of grits. A spoonful of hash. (Or two.) Bacon bits sprinkled on top. So easy, in fact that the fork went in long before I thought about taking a pic. So, here’s the picture lifted from the Hello Fresh site. Just picture it in a bowl and without the tomato.

Gussied-Up Grits courtesy of Hello Fresh

It was so good. My neighbor loved it. In fact, she wanted the recipe so she could make it again. (I was even a good person and gave her the leftover potatoes and tomatoes I didn’t use so she could make it up.)

I am so glad that I gave this one a shot. Monetarily, was it worth the $10 a serving it cost? Nah. Not a chance. I can totally do it way cheaper. But damned if it wasn’t amazing and something I’ll do on another night I’m home alone. (I’ll be sure to call my neighbor down. I feed her a lot. She likes free food, I like cooking for people. It’s a win-win.)

No box next week. I’ll blog again about food in a week.

If you’re interested in experimenting with Hello Fresh, click here to get $40 off your first box. 



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