Try Before You Buy (and Cover Reveal): Virtue and Honor Edition

It’s so exciting for me today because it’s cover reveal day! I love cover reveal days, though my publisher was picking on me because I have been sneaking looks of the cover to just about anyone for the past week. I was even showing people at the RT convention last week.

It was surreal to me when I had my first cover reveal last July. Here it is, not even a year later and I’m having the cover reveal for the third novel in the series. (Excuse me–I need a minute. While I’m getting my stuff together, you can admire the pretty.)


I’m so excited about this one because this cover model is so freakin’ perfect. If you’ve been reading the series at all, you know the eye color is important, and her eyes just make this cover.

Now that you’ve seen the gorgeous, how about some cover copy, an excerpt, and a really hot teaser? Furthermore… guess what? Every single Earthbound Angel book is currently on sale for half-off. It is the perfect time to pick up the first two to brush up before Honor comes your way on July 29, 2017.

Virtue and Honor

Cover Copy

vah_eBook_cover_small_4.21.17Angela Waters juggles two high-stress jobs: nurse and earthbound angel. On a rare girls’ night out, she intervenes and saves the life of Mason Kearney, a stripper with southern charm and a secret. It’s a move that will force her to contemplate why in all the heavens she puts up with the injustice of being an angel, which leads to a bombshell that challenges everything she’s ever known.

In the midst of falling for the Alabama boy, she’s in for the fight of her life when a demon, hell-bent on taking her wings, shows up at the most inopportune times.

With a family of angels rallying behind her, she’s sent on a mission to learn everything about them, herself, and evil, to save all the earthbounds from an untimely demise.

Can Angela survive with her heart and her wings intact?


A low click echoed in her ears. The people around her acted oblivious to the sound, but it rattled through her, setting every nerve in her body on fire. It was the sound of a cocking gun, and she swallowed hard. After three years of working miracles, her boss must have expected her to be desensitized to the sound, but she was not.

The sound of the trigger as it moved backward was enough to cause her heart to leap into her throat, followed by the explosion that came as a bullet exited the chamber. Each painful second moved in slow motion, the bullet slicing its way through the air, a path set straight for the sweaty chest of the guy who had smiled at her moments before.

Ignoring the eyes that might be on her, she wrapped herself in invisibility, and let out her wings as she jumped into the air. Drawing attention to herself by disappearing in front of them was a huge risk, but as the piece of metal tore through the air, she had no other choice. If she was chastised later for her actions, so be it. She wasn’t going to let a bullet take someone, not on her watch.

She made contact with him, slamming hard into his chest and wrapping her arms around him. A searing pain spread across her shoulder, and she bit her lip as hard as possible to keep herself from making a sound as they fell to the ground. The last thing she needed, in addition to everything else that night, was for him to know she was there.

Fluttering her wings, she tried to ease their descent to the floor, but her left wing remained still. Something was wrong—very wrong.

Because I’m nice like that, have another teaser. 🙂

Virtue and Honor (Earthbound Angels Book Three) – coming July 29, 2017

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Promises of Virtue (Earthbound Angels Book Two) – Available Now!

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Virtue of Death (Earthbound Angels Book One) – Available Now!

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