Book Review: Bite Somebody Else

BiteSomebodyElse_finalI wanted a Bite Somebody sequel. Sara Dobie Bauer told me no.

I still wanted a Bite Somebody sequel. She still told me no.

Then other people wanted a Bite Somebody sequel and she started realizing my initial request wasn’t so far out there.

I got my sequel.

And it’s even better than Bite Somebody.

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s different. Imogene is night-and-day-different than Celia, so it makes sense that her story is not going to be like Celia’s. But Celia’s influence is all over Imogene in the newest installment in the series. (Which will be over with this one. I doubt Sara’s going to cave to write a story about Celia’s baby. Not a full-length one anyway.)

In Bite Somebody Else, Celia and Ian are finally married, and expecting a baby—a baby that shouldn’t exist. But it does. Then danger comes a-knockin’ (because of course it does), and in true Imogene fashion, heads are gonna roll. No one messes with Imogene’s friends and survives to tell the tale. Except Vixen, she’s still around.

Imogene’s always been a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of girl. That’s how she prefers to live her life. Then Lord Nicholas (a veritable Benedict Cumberbatch clone) shows up and throws her entire world in on itself.

As an Imogene fan, I needed her to have a book and I was definitely not disappointed. The entire vibe of Imogene’s book is fun in the … full moon. Not sun, because, umm, no.

One of my favorite things about the first book was that it didn’t take itself seriously. Bite Somebody Else doesn’t break that formula, but that’s what makes these books so much fun.

The best thing about reading this one… I can feel the warm waters of the Gulf lapping at my ankles, the scent of basil and peppermint dancing in the air around me, and I can taste the B-negative with a shot of Goldschläger running down my throat and chased with a rum punch. So run away with Imogene, Celia, Ian, and Nicholas and dance in the waves (or the ash of your enemies).

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Pick up a copy of Bite Somebody Else

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