Coloring a Blue Duck

Whoa, what is this crazy girl talking about? A blue duck? Surprisingly, I’m going to turn to the “genius” of Adam Sandler to make my point.

That blue duck is how I feel about my writing. I write things I haven’t seen before. Fresh takes on existing paranormal/fantasy creatures. A new spin on an old trope… always trying to push myself and the boundaries, which is why I can say with certainty: I don’t write your typical romances.

Oh sure, you get your happily ever afters. My men are gorgeous. My women are beautiful—at least to their men, if nothing else. (As well they should be.)

giphy1But I know my writing style is not for everyone. There’s sarcasm everywhere. Even when I try to write serious material, it sneaks in there.

The biggest thing you’ll find is that my characters are all flawed. I write the characters who make stupid decisions that make you want to shake them senseless. (In fact, I get that from a lot of reviewers about Wreck You, who are pissed about the stupid decisions my character makes.)

I’ll let you in on a little secret… we’re all flawed, and I believe that in order for fiction to seem real, situations, dialogue, and even characters need be as realistic as possible.

Everyone who seems like they’ve got themselves pulled together in a little package of perfection with a bow of awesome on top, yeah, there’s something there that makes them human. We all have our weird hang-ups, bad habits, and make stupid decisions.

As such, my characters do the same.

I write characters who struggle with their weight (Anticipating Temptation), addiction (Wreck You), and hell, even who they are (that would be every book in the Earthbound Angels series to some degree).

I had reviewer of Anticipating Temptation tell me that she very rarely is able to connect with romance heroines. She likes them, sure, but doesn’t connect with them. However, she was able to connect with Char. That meant everything to me, because it meant I wrote her right. She was real.

If you are looking for characters with cracks and flaws, I promise you will get that with my stuff.

If you’re looking for Prince Charming—with perfectly straight and bleach-white teeth, hair that perfect shade of brown, eyes to drown in, and always says the right thing at the right time, does the right thing the first time, every time—then I’m not your girl. And that is okay. I can point you in the direction of a few authors who write the perfect Prince Charming, and they do it well.

I make no apologies for who I am, or what I write. I know it’s not for everyone, and that’s quacktastic.


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