Book Review: Escape Clause

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You will once you fall headfirst into this romance by the sea.

Kelsey is running away from something, and Ollie is drifting at sea… a chance encounter starts a domino effect of lust, miscommunication, legalities, backstabbing, history, love lost, love found, love conquering all.

I’m truly a sucker for love conquering all stories… I mean, it’s what I do, it stands to reason it’s what I like to read too, right?

I also absolutely adore the beach… growing up on the beach, salt water runs through these veins so a love conquering all story set on the beach with a hot blond love interest. Where the hell do I sign up?

Kelsey was full of spunk, fight, and a lot of really bad jokes. Like, we’re talking dad joke-level here. But it works for her, and it didn’t run Ollie off, so we’ll let it slide, right? Dear Lord, Kelsey’s kid, Charlie, was adorable, incredibly intelligent, and here I am, comparing my own parenting skills against that of a fictional character. (Side note, my kid has not repeated as many swear words as Kelsey’s does, so at least I’ve got that going for me. Well, I mean, that I know of. Mine may repeat things and not get caught, and if that’s the case, so be it. Good on you, kid.)

giphyOllie was, quite literally, Prince Charming. There wasn’t a freakin’ flaw on the man. He was blond (my favorite), had blue eyes (another favorite), was built, and had a heart of the purest gold. Like, we’re talking straight off the periodic table, solid gold Au. (See, I told you I’d point you to authors who do Prince Charming well.)

Of course, my favorite part was the shout out to my college! It’s not often I find reference to my school in print. So, all I have to say is, “Go Cats!”

Oh yeah… and go read the Escape Clause.

Sometimes to escape a bad situation, you have to grit your teeth and bare your clause.

When competing hotel owners, the Carlyles, attempt a takeover of the former Brubaker hotel, now The Point Resort and also Kelsey Donigan’s second home, the front desk manager discovers long-buried secrets between the two families. Better yet, she uncovers an escape clause that not only prevents a takeover, but may also overtake generations of animosity between the two families.

Kelsey finds an ally in the most unlikely of locals. Hotel heir Oliver Carlyle’s devotion and determination to honor his mother’s final wishes places him in direct opposition with his powerful family.

Can the star-crossed couple save the historic, beachfront hotel, or will they lose each other in the process?

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