Book Review: Beautiful Torment

51ddhqdwpdlBeautiful Torment is the conclusion of the Thin Red Lines series by Gen Ryan. Her first, Beautiful Masterpiece left me completely speechless. The second, Beautiful Sacrifice, was horrifically beautiful (you think I’m kidding, read it, you’ll get what I mean).

Now, along comes Beautiful Torment.

Beautiful? Like you wouldn’t believe.

Tormenting? Absolutely.

All Gen Ryan? There’s no denying this is a Gen Ryan book, as she brings us characters who are flawed beyond basic logic and redeems them in only a way she can. (Hello, psychology.)

The story follows Desiree Garcia, as she returns home after enduring some stuff in Beautiful Sacrifice. Like, we’re talking sanity-ending-level stuff. But she’s not done with the sanity-ending stuff, oh no, it continues to follow her.

Enter Hunter Collins, her best friend from back home. He’s always had a thing for her, always waiting until the time was right. It’s right now and he will not let her go.

It’s kind of tough to hold on, though, when she is heeding the call of the FBI, to investigate a case she can’t ignore. But there is a teenager wrapped in secrets, Sydney, and can Garcia save her while also trying to save herself? Or will she get sucked down into the abyss of insanity and grief?

With the exception of one of Gen’s books, there hasn’t been a point where I didn’t go, “Dammit, Gen!” This one, of course, followed the trend. (The worst part was, the point that did it for me, it really couldn’t go. It needed to be there.)

The story will tug at your heartstrings and remind you that there is love in this world, there are people who care, and someone who will understand. Love really can heal the scars, if only you give it the chance.

This series is the first real psychological thriller series I’ve ever read. I took a bunch of psych classes in college, so I love that thing in these books make sense to me because of those classes. Means they weren’t all for naught.

But, that said, I’m kind of bummed to see the series come to an end. Although it’s the end of the line for the Thin Red Lines (see what I did there?), I am so excited for the projects she’s got coming up next. Like her first romantic comedy, Three Empty Words, which is coming out in September.

About Beautiful Torment

Desiree Garcia always runs from her problems. But escaping memories and tragedy is impossible, no matter the distance. When her last FBI case pushes Desiree to her limits, she knows it’s time to move once more. This time, she heads back home and returns to her family and to her best friend she abandoned so long ago.

Hunter Collins was there for Desiree from the day they met at just twelve years old. He stood by her and waited for her, even when she joined the FBI, leaving him and all she loved behind. Now she’s back, he’s determined to not let her go again.

When faced with a police case that she can’t say no to, Desiree and Hunter navigate through the investigation as she faces the horrors of her past. As they struggle to solve the case, it’s up to Hunter to keep her tethered.

Will love and friendship be enough to save Desiree from herself and all that is tormenting her?

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